Montezuma Books LLC

Montezuma Books LLCMontezuma Books is U.S.- Mexican company specializing in English-language books on Latin America, especially Mexico and Central America. We publish high-quality books and pamphlets related to the region: history, culture, current affairs, and fiction. Under our Roads Scholar imprint, we also offer travel guidebooks and other tourism-related works.

While in non-fiction, we consider not only scholarship, accuracy and reliability of the material we accept for publication, we are not stuffy academics. Readability, even in books meant only for a limited readership, is at the top of our list when it comes to selecting manuscripts for publication. Whatever the subject might be, even when the subject is something far outside the mainstream, Montezuma Books are meant to be read as much for pleasure as for any specific information.

In presenting fiction, we look for works that not only tell a good story, and tell it well, but say something about our part of the world that is beyond using us as a romantic or exotic location.

As a “traditional” publisher, we do not charge for our editorial and publishing services, nor do we consider manuscripts that our editors do not have the skill-set or knowledge to assist the author in any meaningful way. We cannot look at children’s books, poetry, or those dealing with Latin America only as peripheral to the work itself.

Montezuma Books was formed in 2014, as a partnership between the principals of Editorial Wisemaz, the publisher of Editorial Mazatlan and Libros Valor books in Mexico, and”Mexico Mike” Nelson, a publisher of on-line travel guides.   We have a business office in the United States, which allows us to take advantage of U.S. publication rights and distribute through channels not available to foreign businesses. Our editorial office is in Mexico City, where we are better able to follow the trends in writing about Mexico and Latin America, and where we are able to better access those with “insider” and authentic views of this part of the world.  We occasionally partner with other publishers to make works otherwise not available in Latin America or in the United States available to the reading public.